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Class of '69 Reunion, July 2006

John Onraet writes:

Following the July 2004 reunion we decided that we should try to enlarge the group and get as many alumni from a class of 1969 as possible for a reunion in the summer of 2006, and so we did . . .

Ten OGs from the Class of 1969 met at the Marriott Hotel in Slough on 22 July 2006

The photo above includes from left to right: Michael Powell, Peter Hinks, Jonathan Fitt, Rainaldo O'Meara, Erwin Hartel, Percy Aggett, Julian Creighton-Williamson, John Onraet, Gerard De La Garde and Jay Derrick.

I discovered that Peter Hinks is in education in Southampton, Jonathan Fitt is an Airline Pilot in the Caribbean, Rainaldo O'Meara is a Specialist Metallurgist in London and travels the world, Erwin 'Swag' Hartel has a string of sports shops in Kentucky, Percy Aggett is an NHS Family Therapist in London, Julian is a Banker in London, Gerard is a retired Chief of Police, and Jay is a Consultant in Adult Education.

As for me, I married a South African girl in 1975 and went on to have four kids. Two of them are in London, one working as a Chef at the Oxo Tower near Waterloo, and the other is a professional Sound Engineer with Metropolis Studios in Chiswick. My daughter is studying for a BA in Humanities at Stellenbosch University, a beautiful university town nearby. My youngest son has another two years at high school to go.

I am currently the Director of Marketing of a large company which specializes in road surfacing materials geographically spread from Zambia to Cape Town.