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Paul Tumilty


How do you account for the past 50 years?

Secret agent, licensed to kill, for the first twenty years followed by Caribbean living for the next? Sadly, not quite!

Leaving St. Georges I joined the Merchant Navy by way of Cunard Line. Spent most of my five years with them between Southampton University and the QE2 studying navigation. Left to get married to my first wife Joanna in Christchurch Priory in August 1973, with whom I have three wonderful children, Danielle, Victoria and Richard. After working in several careers (!) I eventually ended up as Assistant Vice President of New Store Opening and Development for Kingfisher (B&Q) for South East Asia. Should have seen my business card! About 4 feet long! Working mainly in Taiwan and South Korea. Yes, I’m the man who brought DIY stores to Asia!

Took early retirement in 2002 and with my second wife (!) went to the Caribbean Island of Roatan, 30 miles off the Honduran coast, built my own house and settled down to writing.

The house I built in Roatan

Me with tarantula I had just caught in 2009

Me without tarantula!

In 2010 was told that my elderly mother had between six months to possibly a year to live so I sold up and returned to the UK to look after her. 10 years later, she is still with us and going strong at 98! She has been in a care home since the beginning of last year, 2019.

I now live in the family home in Southbourne, Hengistbury Head, near Bournemouth, which I lived in when at St. Georges. Life seems to have come full circle!

Now single once more and XL in size, my time is spent playing golf, writing and performing in two bands. One a Sixties revival band, Cliff Path and the Zigzags and a heavy rock band, Idol Rich. Never lost the love of performing since 'Western Biological'.

Rowing Second Eight 1967

Cliff Path and the Zig Zags

Peter Nunan, Douglas Ayre, John Adams, Paul Tumilty and Brian Foley

See article in the Bournemouth Daily Echo from July 2017

Books Published

Amazon Author Summary: Paul Tumilty was born in Leek, Staffordshire, in November 1950. Having taken early retirement in 2002 from his post as Assistant Vice-President for New Store Opening and Development for B&Q, based in Seoul, South Korea, he started writing and completed his first novel, The Tussaud Incident, later that year. A second novel, The Akula Incident followed in quick succession. However, his main love of the theatre guided him to concentrate on writing comedy plays for the theatre and television. Having lived on the Caribbean island of Roatan for four years, Paul has returned to the UK and now lives in Christchurch.

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