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Barrow Hills


Names as I recall - front row: Williams, McCracken, Lyons, Joyce, Higgins
Row 2: ?, Allen, Woods, Evans, Row 3: ?, ?, Harvey, Harbord, O'Sullivan(?)
Row 4: Wickens, C. Baynham, Row 5: Carrol, Adams, Barr

First Communion 1961

Richard Woods, John McCracken, John Harvey, Trevor Ricards, Charles Petrou
Robin Higgins, Anthony Cooper, Andrew Palfreman

Matron 1959-62: Miss C.A. Lafferty

By Swimming Pool

Shea, de Nalik, Russell, MacMillan
Baynham, Pike, Kedzior, Ashcroft

Bishop of Southwark, Cyril Cowderoy, visits school for confirmation

Andrew MacMillan, Hampton Court

The Quad - roller skating venue

Harry Taylor ARCO at the new Compton electronic organ installed Easter 1959

The new sports pavilion 1958

Sports Day - Fr. Bede

and Dr. Booker, the school doctor