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Barrow Hills


Names as I recall - front row: Williams, McCracken, Lyons, Joyce, Higgins
Row 2: ?, Allen, Woods, Evans, Row 3: ?, ?, Harvey, Harbord, O'Sullivan(?)
Row 4: Wickens, C. Baynham, Row 5: Carrol, Adams, Barr

First Communion 1961

Richard Woods, John McCracken, John Harvey, Trevor Ricards, Charles Petrou
Robin Higgins, Anthony Cooper, Andrew Palfreman

Matron 1959-62: Miss C.A. Lafferty

By Swimming Pool

Shea, de Nalik, Russell, MacMillan
Baynham, Pike, Kedzior, Ashcroft

Bishop of Southwark, Cyril Cowderoy, visits school for confirmation

Andrew MacMillan, Hampton Court

The Quad - roller skating venue

Harry Taylor ARCO at the new Compton electronic organ installed Easter 1959

The new sports pavilion 1958

Sports Day - Fr. Bede

and Dr. Booker, the school doctor


Barrow Hills Photo Album

This is a very large collection of photos from the 1960s and 1970s, imported into a Microsoft Word document file. Many, but not all, of the photos are annotated. The photo scans were, and remain, high resolution, so that for example the very first photo of Michael Adams is 2592x1660 pixels, hence the very large file size of 279Mb. Each photo may be exported in its full original resolution by right mouse clicking and selecting Save as Picture... from the menu.

Right mouse click here and Save Link As... (or similar depending on browser) from the menu to download the album as a Word document.