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Ric Parnell 1951-2022


Son of the big band/jazz drummer Jack Parnell
Drummer with Horse, Atomic Rooster 1970 - 74, Saturday, Ibis, Nova 1977 and Brown Ring.
Played drummer Mick Shrimpton in the 1984 movie This is Spinal Tap
Has been living in Missoula, Montana USA since 2003
See article from August 2007 in Missoula news and his Wikipedia page.

With Nico Di Palo

With Chris Farlowe


Atomic Rooster - Black Snake - 1972 Live

Atomic Rooster - A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down 1972

Mick Brown interviews Ric Parnell on ITV's Night Network in 1988

Willie Basse - Rockstar Reality #3 Featuring Ric Parnell in 2008

Drummers Don't Often Get To Talk, But When They Do . . . - Ric Parnell

Saving for the Day

Ric is appearing in a film titled Saving for the Day to be released in 2018. See IMDB and film web site.

He's in the movie . . .

Thee glove-smelling serf, thee fiery drumme, thee stacke of Marshalle, trulie 'tis Tappe !


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