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Red House

Four on a Honda: John Vassallo, Peter Errington, John Adams and Robert Snell

Magic 1968

Botley's Park Disco 1968


Carol Lagler and Judy Palmer

From Jay Derrick - probably 1970 judging by haircuts

Chris (?) Buttress , Rick Illingworth, Perse Elder, Eugene O'Reilly, Tim Fogerty, Pat Pinnock
Jeremy Edwards, Martin Gibson, Ian Pinks, James Gibson, Chris McGloin

From Jay Derrick - Percy, Fred Donnelly, Goop Keane, and Paul Tumelty, around 1968

From Michael Powell

Attached is another old photo I have just rediscovered. I remember taking it surreptitiously! It shows Jim
Donnelly teaching a French or Spanish Class in 1966 with a very bored looking J Fitt in the background.

From John Onraet - Summer 1970

" Went to Europe – Germany to stay with Turk and his family, then on the way to Sardinia when we saw a whole bunch of hippies travelling towards UK. Discovered that the Isle of Wight festival featuring Bob Dylan as headliner was happening. Turned around and attended that festival. Great fun and the photo was of us returning to Percy’s family home in Devon."

The Dreaded Cards