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Old Boys' Day, July 2011

John Adams, Brian O'Gorman (our French and English teacher), John Harvey, Simon and Nina Baynham.

The jumble of workshops and changing rooms outside the White House has been cleared away, in their place a large car park.

The rather run down orangery that housed Mr. Kerr's art department (remember the blinds always drawn in a permanent gloom?) is now a smart school shop.

The lower White House dormitory with its impressive hammerbeam roof is now the school library.

The upper White House dormitory is now used as an exam room.

The "Winks" dormitory at the top of the Red House has been mostly converted into a conference room, with a 40 foot table that was constructed on the spot.

Part of the Winks dormitory remains in its original state - this is where John Heslam had his bed at the far end.