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Michael O'Brien (Fr. Dominic) RIP 2011


Michael O'Brien, who we remember as Fr. Dominic, died in his hotel on the 13th September of an apparent heart attack.

Michael's LinkedIn profile says that he was the owner, manager and teacher at the Eurospeak Language and Computer School in Reading, and also the owner of the Hotel Inglaterra in Cancun, Mexico.

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Michael O'Brien, the founder of Eurospeak, passed away peacefully on 13th of September in Mexico at his hotel. Michael was an inspiration to everyone at the school. Although he is irreplaceable, we will strive to fulfill his vision for the school as a tribute to his memory. [Eurospeak Language and Computer School web site, 14 September 2011]

Clip from Fr. Bede's movie

Welcome to the Hotel Inglaterra, Cancun, Mexico

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