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Br. Michael Powell C.J.

After I left school at Christmas 1969 I worked at Barrow Hills for two terms before going up to Cambridge for a very social and alcohol fuelled year before crashing in my exams. With hindsight I was far too immature to go to any University, let alone Oxbridge (which was Fr Peter's choice, not mine).

I then went to Teacher Training College in Twickenham and joined the Josephites in 1973. After spells at the College 73-76 and Barrow Hills 76-80 I returned to the College as Red House Housemaster - a period a look back on with great nostalgia. Periods back at Barrow Hills and in California followed, and then a stint at Woburn Hill School.

In about 1993 I finally felt ready for University (!) and completed an MEd and an MPhil before taking a break of several years to do doctoral research into the history of the Josephites as an educational institution. I got my PhD in 2003 and for the past few years have been teaching Languages part-time at the College, as well as being Bursar and Superior of the Community. I have just retired from the classroom. I have already been through the stages of "I was at school with your father" and "I taught your father" and decided to get out before it was a case of "I was at school with your grandfather"!

I now live with a small group of other Josephites just at the south-western tip of Heathrow airport. I continue my research into Josephite history and work on projects for our African communities. Among other things I work for St Joseph's African Aid, a small charity founded by, but independent of, the Josephites. If you are interested, take a look at

With college choir tour around 1972

Red House master 1980 - 84

PhD graduation 2003