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Barrow Hills Journal

Michael Powell has just acquired a complete set of Barrow Hills Journals from 1958 to 1985 (with a few gaps). This is fascinating reading especially for those of us who went to Barrow Hills. Unlike The Georgian which was professionally printed and arrived early in the following term they were prepared and handed out at the end of each term to cover that term.

The early ones were produced on a Roneo hand-cranked spirit duplicator. Then Fr. James got a litho machine and they were done on that. When Fr. James left the litho went to St. Georges and Barrow Hills then went back to the Roneo. They were duplicated on foolscap paper (8” x 13”, a traditional paper size used in Europe and the British Commonwealth before the adoption of the international standard A4 paper), folded and stapled.

Issues will be added here as Michael scans them. Click to display in a new browser window, right-mouse-click to download the PDF.

The Georgian also contained a report from Barrow Hills, often with photos of the school play and other activities. The Georgian is available on the college digital archive web site (login required). Where an issue is not available I have substituted the equivalent term's report from The Georgian.

John Harvey April 2021

BHJ December 1958
BHJ March 1959
BHJ July 1959
BHJ December 1959
Barrow Hills Spring 1960 (from The Georgian, BHJ not available)
Barrow Hills Summer 1960 (from The Georgian, BHJ not published)
BHJ December 1960
BHJ March 1961
BHJ July 1961
BHJ December 1961
BHJ April 1962
BHJ July 1962
BHJ December 1962
BHJ March 1963
BHJ July 1963

Issues now had more pages, enhanced with colour and photographs. The PDFs are correspondingly larger.

Barrow Hills Autumn 1963 (from The Georgian, BHJ not available)
BHJ March 1964 and Easter concert supplement BHJ March 1964 Supplement
BHJ July 1964