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Class of '69 Reunion, 23 September 2019

This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our leaving St. Georges College at the Bailbrook House Hotel in Bath. We all owe our thanks to Rainaldo (The Turk) who organised the weekend over many months.

Rainaldo and Ute O'Meara
Percy and Dot Aggett
John and Angie Onraet
Erwin Hartel with Layney and Allie
Peter and Hilary Hinks
John Harvey
Gerard and Gilly de la Garde
Julian and Mary-Clare Creighton-Williamson
Jay and Bridget Derrick
David Stacey
Glen Cawdeary
Gordon and Clare Snell


Times 5 Reborn - Afternoon Rehersal

Erwin 'Swag' Hartel's guests - twins Layney and Allie Vincent who manage his stores in Louisville, Kentucky

Times 5 Reborn - The Evening Performance

T-Shirt Raffle

The ladies leading the dancing